Advent calendar

Denna plugin ersätter nopCommerces standardsökfunktion och utökar den med möjlighet att söka efter GTIN/EAN/ISBN-nummer.


  • Configure how a day icon will look and what product it will be connected to.
  • Date-range or daily promotion presentation as an Advent Calendar
  • Display promoted products for any date range
  • Single promoted product for a date range
  • Define a unique product promotion and display the promotion for the selected date. Give visibility to your daily, unique campaigns
  • Powerful and flexible configuration of the promotion calendar presentation

How to use:

  1. Install the plugin. Install the provided license.
  2. Open “Promotions”->”Discounts” and add discounts that will be used in your Advent Calendar. The discount should be of type “Assigned to products”.
    • You can create a single discount for the whole date range promoting a single product within this date range. Make sure that “Start date” and “End date” of the discount are within the date range of the Advent Calendar. Add a product to the discount.
    • You can create a unique product discount for every day diversifying your offers. In this case the promotion to be displayed on a day icon will be changed on a daily basis. To accomplish this scenario we recommend you to create one discount for each day, setting the same “Start date” and “End date” of the discount and the “Day” date in the Advent Calendar. Add your promoted product to the discount (one product for every daily discount).
  3. Go to “Configuration”. Click on Widgets, find “Advent calendar”, make sure it is enabled and click the button “Configure”.
  4. Choose tab “New date range”. Select from- and to- dates and press button “New date range”, for example 1/12 – 24/12
  5. Days in the selected date range are displayed under the tab “Days settings” and can be configured individually.
  6. Settings that are common to all days in the Advent Calendar can be configured under the tab “Calendar settings”.
  7. Provide individual settings for each day under the tab “Days settings”.
  8. Placement of the days is defined under the tab “Days layout”. You can move days as you wish. You can even change size of the box representing a day.
  9. Placement of the calendar in the web shop is defined under the tab “Placements”.

How to install:

  1. Upload the unzipped plugin to the /plugins folder in your nopCommerce directory.
  2. Restart your application (or click Reload list of plugins button).
  3. Scroll down through the list of plugins to find the newly installed plugin.
  4. Click on the Install linkto install the plugin.
  5. The plugin is displayed in the Plugins windows (Configuration → Plugins → Local Plugins).
  6. When you have installed the plugin, a new page appears Configuration -> Plugins -> IDP Solutions licenses. Open the page, press button Upload license and upload the file licens.dat that you received when you ordered the plugin.

Supported versions:

nopCommerce 4.00

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Bild på Advent Calendar 4.0
Advent Calendar 4.0
Denna plugin ersätter standard nopCommerce sökfunktion och utökar den med möjlighet att söka efter GTIN/EAN nummer.
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