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Product attributes extended

This plugin is for you if you have a large number of products with associated product attributes. When you need to add one or more new product attributes to several products, or make some changes, you can do it with a few clicks with this plugin. Instead of browsing to each and every product and changing its product attributes, you just need to select a product attribute and change / add or remove multiple products at the same time. You save time and reduce risk of making mistakes.
From $23.00 excl tax

Lucene Search

Search-plugin replacing standard nopCommerce search function with search based on Lucene search engine.
From $99.00 excl tax


This plugin seamlessly replaces standard nopCommerce search, giving your customers possibility to search for a product by providing its GTIN/EAN/ISBN code
From $15.00 excl tax

Advent calendar

This plugin gives you an opportunity to display discounted products as Advent Calendar. You choose a date range and connect a discount and a product to each day. Click on a day and product page will be opened.
From $99.00 excl tax

Vendor Sales Report

If you sell products from different vendors or if you use drop shipping, this plugin is for you. With this module you can see statistics over the quantity and totals of sold products per vendor during a certain period of time.
From $23.00 excl tax